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        Group Management Committee

        Stefan Fuchs

        Chairman of the Executive Board

        • Corporate Group Development
        • Human Resources
        • PR & Marketing


        Dr. Lutz Lindemann

        Member of the Executive Board

        • R&D, Technology
        • Product Management
        • Supply Chain
        • Sustainability
        • Inoviga GmbH
        • Mining Division
        • OEM Division

        Dr. Timo Reister

        Member of the Executive Board

        • Region Asia-Pacific
        • Region North and South America
        • Industrial Sales Strategy

        Dr. Ralph Rheinboldt

        Member of the Executive Board

        • Region Europe, Middle East and Africa
        • FUCHS LUBRITECH Division

        Dagmar Steinert

        Member of the Executive Board

        • Finance, Controlling, Investor Relations
        • Compliance, Internal Auditing, IT (incl. SAP/ERP systems), Legal, Taxes

        Bernhard Biehl

        • FUCHS LUBRITECH Division

        Keith Brewer

        • Americas

        Klaus Hartig

        • East Asia

        Stefan Knapp

        • Germany
        • Benelux

        Carsten Meyer

        • OEM Division
        • Mining Divison

        Alf Untersteller

        • Turkey, Middle East, Central Asia, Africa
        +49 (0) 621-3802-0